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The series of conferences titled Encontros da Diáspora [Diaspora Encounters] is back for its second year of challenging its own form and of paying close attention to the urgency of these times of social, health, sanitation and political crises. Before all of this, we ask ourselves: which are the possible images for the future in a moment when the present shatters once again?

Bathed in salt and far from the coast, in a movement of displacement and approximation, the second edition of Encontros da Diáspora evokes the thought of black filmmakers from Latin America and Africa to reflect together and point the direction to different paths of film production in this (and beyond this) time of uncertainty. With each meeting, a new possibility to share ideas with producers, directors and researchers on the many ways of narrating and producing black stories in different contexts and territories.

The full schedule will be released soon.




Coming soon!

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